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AC Repair West Palm Beach

There is a lot that can go wrong with your home’s AC system over it’s lifetime. The condensate drain line can sweat and overflow; refrigerant can start leaking; air ducts can be crushed, contaminated, or built too small to begin with; and your compressor can fail. One thing we do not wish to lack is Air Conditioning in West Palm Beach FL.

Instead of waiting until your AC system stops working, it is always good to be aware of how well your system is functioning. Regular maintenance can prevent a lot of these problems from getting out of hand, or even happening in the first place. 

It is important to understand the basic operating principles of your AC system. There are two types of systems: electric and natural gas. Electric AC systems use an air handler to blow air through your home while natural gas systems use a furnace. Both furnaces and air handlers are typically located in the attic. Learn more about the different kinds of operating systems and request your AC Installation today!

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Signs that Your West Palm Beach Air Conditioning System Needs an AC Ambulance

Is cold air not blowing out of your air registers even though you set your thermostat to cool? Do you notice that some rooms in your home heat or cool slower than other rooms?

Do some rooms not cool at all? Have you noticed a spike in your energy bill? Water marks on your ceilings? Or maybe that your AC system has totally stopped running. That is the last thing you want especially if you are a business owner trying to keep your employees cool, check out our commercial hvac services.

If you notice any of these signs, you should call an AC professional as soon as possible. Every component of your AC system is connected, so one malfunctioning part could lead to further damage if it is not addressed in time. Our West Palm Beach air conditioning repair services ensure the fullest lifespan of your AC  unit.